Your Challenge

As a pharmaceutical marketer, you know that physician and patient expectations, needs and behaviours are changing. This impacts the way they find, access and consume information.

This has made it challenging for the pharmaceutical industry to reach and engage target audiences online:

Few App installs

Few pharma App installs

Low site traffic

Low pharma site traffic

Reliance on 3rd-party, HCP-only websites

Reliance on 3rd-party,
HCP-only websites

As a result, you lose control of your content and miss the opportunity to build customer relationships and earn their trust.

Important, if you want to sell to them in the future.

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Our Method

Using search and social insights, we create and distribute high-quality content for the pharmaceutical industry.

We do this using our expertise in content, social media and search engine marketing, to address audience needs and
support business goals.


Content optimised for search and social channels


Target audiences in the channels they’re using


Customers with content that addresses
their needs

Working with us, you’ll build customer relationships, earn their trust and demonstrate a return on investment.

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The Method team combines cross-industry experience in content, social media and search engine marketing.

Clients range in size and industry, from B2B consumer start-ups to multinationals in highly regulated environments, like healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

The leadership team includes:

Sam Collins


marketing communications

Simon Preece


digital and social media marketing

Jon Rayner


campaign design and execution

Rowland Forbes


platform build and integration

Method Minute | Pharma Blog posts are pieces of original content for pharmaceutical marketers interested in content, social media and search engine marketing.

They discuss industry challenges and provide actionable advice on how to address them.